I'm from m u n i ch | free childhood with nature + a lot of inspiration
clear early »what do I want« | designing and artisting ... | schools shortcut
self-determined, comprehensive education in a r t + d e s i g n
seen much of the world ... then | I want everything | 1971 | art, design, family
design provides money | art creates pleasure | family is happiness!
2000 change is announced: merits in design are deserved ...........
focus now on P A I N T I N G | exam ... | own technique and expression ...
2005 oeuvre is presentable | collaboration with galleries
exhibitions and purchases | ... future open ... | carpe diem & keep the fire burning

A R T  I S  TO  B E  I N S P I R I N G

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> video clip atelier impressionen

colour – movement – space | my  intention
oscillating in T R I A L O G | artist – artwork – beholder | my credo